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Reviews of Books

A. F., T. W. F., J. H. A., J. A. K. G., J. A. K. G., A. R. O., J. A. S., R. A. B., J. H. A., G. L. D., R. A. B., J. A. K. G., J. P. H., E. M. P.


HISTORICAL GEOLOGY OF IRELAND. J. K. Charlesworth. 9×6 in. xxiii + 565 pp. Oliver and Boyd: Edinburgh and London. 1963. 84s.

JACKSON, John N., Surveys for Town and Country Planning, London, Hutchinson University Library, 1963, 15s.

THE IRISH BORDER AS A CULTURAL DIVIDE. M. W. Heslinga. 225 pp. Assen. 1962.

SHELL GUIDE TO IRELAND, by Lord Killanin and Michael V. Duignan. London: The Ebury Press, 1962. 478 pp. 9 3/4 × 6 in. 45s.

IRELAND BY THE IRISH, edited by Michael Gorman. London: Galley Press Ltd., 1963. 162 pp. 9 3/4 × 7 in. 30s.

MARINE CARTOGRAPHY IN BRITAIN. A history of the sea chart to 1855. A. H. W. Robinson. 11¼ × 9 in. 222 pp., 30 text figures, 42 photographic plates. Leicester: Leicester University Press, 1962. £5. 5s.

VEGETATION AND SOILS, A WORLD PICTURE, by S. R. Eyre. London: Edward Arnold, 1963. pp. 324. 36/‐.

MORPHOGENESIS OF THE AGRARIAN CULTURAL LANDSCAPE, (ed.) S. Helmfrid. Published as Geografiska Annaler, Vol. XLIII, 1961, Number 1–2. Stockholm. Pp. 1–328.

NOTIONS ESSENTIELLES DE GÉOGRAPHIE ÉCONOMIQUE, by Jean Mérigot and Roland Froment, Volume one, Sirey, Paris, 1963; 555 pp., 54 illustrations.

THE MONSOON. Pierre Pédelaborde. 8 × 5½ in. xii + 196 pp. Methuen, London, 1963, 21s.

ON THE MARGINS OF THE GOOD EARTH. The South Australian Wheat Frontier 1869–1894. D. W. Meinig. Murray, London, 1963. 231 pp. 35s.

INDEX TO AUSTRALIAN RESOURCES MAPS OF 1940–59. Canberra : Dept. of National Development, 1961. 241 pp. 9 × 6½ in.

BRITISH LANDSCAPES THROUGH MAPS. Numbers 1 to 5. The Geographical Association. Price 4/6 each.

‘SAMPLE STUDIES’. The Geographical Association. 1962. Price 4/6.

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