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Reviews of Books

A. F., J. P. H., J. A. K. G., J. H. A., J. H. A., C. S. O'C., F. H. A. A., T. J. H., G. J. H.


MORPHOLOGY OF THE EARTH. Lester C. King. 9½ × 7in. xii + 699 pp. Oliver and Boyd : Edinburgh and London 1962 84s.

INTERNATIONAL YEARBOOK OF CARTOGRAPHY 1961. George Philip and Son Ltd., London, 1961. 199 pages 35/‐.

LA VIE RURALE EN VIVARAIS, by Pierre Bozon. Claremont‐Ferrand : Institut de Géographie de la Faculté des Lettres, 1961. Pp. 641. 10 × 6½ in. 37 NF. To be obtained from the author at the Ecole Normale d'Instituteurs, Privas (Ardèche).

GERMANY: ITS GEOGRAPHY AND GROWTH. By K. A. Sinnhuber. London : John Murray, 1961. Pp. 128. 15s.

THE INDUSTRIES OF GREATER LONDON SINCE 1861. By P. G. Hall. London : Hutchinson's University Library, 1962. Pp. 192. 12s. 6d.

MINERALS, ROCKS AND GEMSTONES, by Rudolf Borner. Edinburgh : Oliver and Boyd, 1962. 8¾ in. × 5½ in., 250 pp., 25s.

RURAL SETTLEMENT AND LAND USE, by M. Chisholm. 201 pp. London : Hutchinson's University Library, 1962, 12s 6d.

LIMERICK RURAL SURVEY. Interim Report. Migration. (1960). LIMERICK RURAL SURVEY. Second Interim Report. Physical Geography and Geology. (1961). 9½ × 7ins.

NOTES ON IRISH GEOGRAPHY. (Geological, Human and Industrial) by Maureen Horgan. Dublin : Educational Co. of Ireland, 1961. 10 × 7½in., 64 pages, 3/6d.

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