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Reviews of Books

J. C. C., J. H. A., J. P. H., G. L. D., J. A. K. G., A. F., A. F., A. F.


University of Bristol, Proceedings of the Spelaeological Society, No. 3, Vol. 7 (1955–56) Price 10/‐.

ATLAS OF AUSTRALIAN RESOURCES, part II. Department of National Development, Canberra, 1956. Distributed by Angus & Robertson, London. 10s. 6d. each map.

THE FABER ATLAS. Edited by D. J. Sinclair. Geo Publishing (Oxford) Ltd. 1956. 32/6. 12×81/2 ins. 146 pages of maps. Distributed by Faber & Faber, London

SOUTHWEST PACIFIC. By Kenneth B. Cumberland. Pp. 365. London : Methuen. 1956. 28/6

RAILWAYS AND GEOGRAPHY, By A. C. O'Dell. Hutchinson, London, 1956. 198 pp. 71/4×41/4 in. 10s. 6d.

CENSUS ATLAS MAPS OF LATIN AMERICA. Part II ‐ Greater Antilles. U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington 25, D. C. 1956. No price given.

THE IRISH NATURALISTS’ JOURNAL, vol. XII, no. 4, October 1956. 3/6.

IRISH HISTORICAL STUDIES, vol. IX, no 36. 1955. 10/6.

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