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Directions of ice flow during the last glaciation in counties Meath, Westmeath and Cavan

Robert T. Meehan


Ice flow direction indicators in north-west County Meath and adjacent parts of Westmeath and Cavan are described. Drumlins. striae, roche moulonnees. and oilier streamlined features, as well as till fabrics, suggest a general How during glacial maximum of north-west to south-east when combined with erratic carriage data. Analysis of the configuration of ice marginal moraines and subglacially deposited esker ridges deposited during glacial retreat, as well as till fabric analysis of deglacial sediments, suggest a more complicated retreat of ice, with margins oriented south-wesI to north-east prevailing in the south and cast of the study area. Further to the west and south-west there seems to be an element of retreat towards the west, with a north-south trending ice margin. This is suggested as providing evidence for a decoupling of the ice into separate lobes in that area.

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