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Reviews of Books

L. J. Proudfoot, Michael J. Bannon, Patrick J. O'Connor, William Nolan, J. H. Andrews, Jim Mac Laughlin, Arnold Horner, Barry Brunt


IRISH CITIES, edited by Howard B. Clarke. Cork: Mercier Press, 1995.220pp. I R£9.99. ISBN 1-85635-127-0. Reviewed by L.J. PROUDFOOT.

SHAPING A CITY: BELFAST IN THE LATE TWENTIETH CENTURY, by Frederick W. Boal. Belfast: Institute of Irish Studies, Queen's University. 1995. 127pp. £10.00stg. ISBN 0 85389 605 4. Reviewed by MICHAEL J. BANNON.

MORE IRISH COUNTRY TOWNS, edited by Anngret Simms and J.H. Andrews. Cork: Mercier Press, 1995. 206pp. IR£9.99. ISBN 1-85635-121-1. Reviewed by PATRICK J. O'CONNOR.

MERCHANTS AND SHOPKEEPERS: A HISTORICAL ANTHROPOLOGY OF AN IRISH MARKET TOWN, 1200–1991, by P.H. Gulliver and Marilyn Silverman. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1995.440pp. $(Can)33.50 pb. ISBN 0-8020-7597-5. Reviewed by WILLIAM NOLAN.

THE GREAT BOG OF ARDEE, by Frank Mitchell and Breeda Tuite. Reprinted from County Louth Archaeological and Historical Journal, xxiii, No.l (1993). Dundalk: County Louth Archaeological Society, 1995.95pp. IR£4.50. ISBN 0 9521456 1 8. Reviewed by J.H. ANDREWS.

THE NEAREST PLACE THAT WASN'T IRELAND: EARLY NINETEENTH-CENTURY LABOR MIGRATION, by Ruth-Ann M.Harris. Ames: Iowa State University Press, 1994. 281pp. US$34.95. ISBN 0-8138-1422-7. Reviewed by JIM MAC LAUGHLIN.

ROCK FENCES OF THE BEUEGRASS: PERSPECTIVES ON KENTUCKY'S PAST ARCHITECTURE, ARCHAEOLOGY AND LANDSCAPE, by Carolyn Murray-Wooley and Karl Raitz. Lexington, Kentucky: The University Press of Kentucky, 1992. x+220pp. US$35.00. ISBN 0-8131-1762-3. Reviewed by ARNOLD HORNER.

REGIONS IN IRELAND: A STATISTICAL PROFILE, by James A. Walsh. Dublin: Regional Studies Association (Irish Branch), 1995. 107pp. IR£10.00. ISBN 0-9511047 7 2. Reviewed by BARRY BRUNT.

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