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Reviews of Books

F. H. A. Aalen, John Sweeney, J. H. Andrews, Patrick J. O'Connor, P. J. Duffy, Arnold Horner, Kevin Hourihan


THE HUMAN GEOGRAPHY OF IRELAND, by James H. Johnson. Chichester: John Wiley, 1994. xii + 221pp. IR£14.95. ISBN 0-471-94835-7. Reviewed by F.H.A. AALEN.

WICKLOW IN THE ICE AGE, by William P.Warren. Dublin: Geological Survey of Ireland, 1993.46pp. IR£5.00. ISBN 0-9515006-2-7. Reviewed by JOHN SWEENEY.

THE PLANTATION OF ULSTER: BRITISH SETTLEMENT IN AN IRISH LANDSCAPE 1600–1670, by Philip S. Robinson, with an introduction to the reprint by Nicholas Canny. Belfast: Ulster Historical Foundation, 1994. xxx+254pp.£11.95stg. ISBN 0-901905-62-3. Reviewed by J.H. ANDREWS.

URBAN IMPROVEMENT IN PROVINCIAL IRELAND 1700–1840, by BJ. Graham and LJ. Proud foot. Group for the Study of Irish Historic Settlement, 1994. i v+68pp. No price given. No ISBN. Reviewed by PATRICK J. O'CONNOR.

DECODING THE LANDSCAPE, edited by Timothy Collins. Centre for Landscape Studies, University College Galway, 1994.170pp. IR£12.00. ISBN 0-907775-70-5. Reviewed by P.J. DUFFY.

IRISH LANDSCAPE SERIES: No.l, LIVING IN A CODED LAND, by Patrick J. O'Connor, 42pp. ISBN 0 9512184 2 5; No.2, SOME GUDDES TO THE IRISH SCENE, by Patrick J. O'Connor, 42pp. ISBN0951218433.Newcastle West: Oireacht na Mumhan Books, 1992. IR£2.50 each. Reviewed by ARNOLD HORNER.

EUROPE'S CITIES IN THE LATE TWENTIETH CENTURY, edited by Hugh Clout. Netherlands Geographical Studies 176, Department of Human Geography, University of Amsterdam, 1994.209pp. Dfl.35. ISBN 90-6809-190-5. Reviewed by KEVIN HOURIHAN.

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