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Reviews of Books

J. H. Andrews, James Walsh, Mary Davies, Joe Brady, Stu Daultrey


CULTURE IN IRELAND – REGIONS: IDENTITY AND POWER, edited by Prionsias O Drisceoil. Proceedings of the Cultures of Ireland Group Conference, 27-29 November, 1992. Belfast: The Institute of Irish Studies, The Queen's University of Belfast, 242 pp. IR£4.95. ISBN 085389 476 0. Reviewed by J.H. ANDREWS.

RURAL DEVELOPMENT IN IRELAND – A CHALLENGE FOR THE 1990s, edited by Michael Murray and John Greer, Aldershot: Avebury, 1993. 268pp.£35.00sig. ISBN 1 85628 408 5. Reviewed by JAMES WALSH.

FROM DUN DELCA TO DUNDALK: THE TOPOGRAPHY AND ARCHAEOLOGY OF A MEDIEVAL FRONTIER TOWN A.D. c.1187-1700, by Paul Gosling. County Louth Archaeological and Historical Society, 1993. [130pp]. IR£5.95.ISBN 0 9521456 0 X. Reviewed by MARY DAVIES.

BUILDING ON THE PAST: URBAN CHANGE AND ARCHAEOLOGY, by Douglas Hyde. Dublin: Environmental Institute, University College Dublin, 1993. 125pp. IR£12.00. ISBN 1 898473 02 1. Reviewed by JOE BRADY.

WATER QUALITY IN IRELAND 1987–1990: (1) Part One: General Assessment, by K J.Clabby, J. Lucey, M.L. McGarrigle, J.J. Bowman, P.J. Flanagan and P.F. Toner. 94pp+5 Appendices [199p]. ISBN 1 85053 180 3; (2) Part Two: River quality data, edited by I'.J. Flanagan and P.F. Larkin. 509pp. ISBN 185053158 7; (3) Map: River Quality 1987–1990, compiled by KJ. Clabby, J. Lucey and M.L. McGarrigle. Dublin: Environmental Research Unit, 1992. IR£30.00 the set. Reviewed by STU DAULTREY.

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