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Reviews of books

P. O'Flanagan, Mícheál O'Cinnéide, Stu Daultrey, Richard Thorn, John Sweeney, J. H. Andrews, F. H. A. Aalen


STONES OF ARAN, by Tim Robinson. Mullingar and Dublin: The Lilliput Press in association with the Wolfhound Press, 1986. 298pp. IR£8.95 (paperback). ISBN 0 946640 12 2. Reviewed by P. O'Flanagan

CLIMATE, WEATHER AND IRISH AGRICULTURE, edited by T. Keane. Dublin: Joint Working Group on Applied Agricultural Meteorology (AGMET), c/o Meteorological Service, Dublin 9, 1986, 329 pp. IR£9.95. ISBN 0 9511551 1 3. Reviewed by Mícheál O Cinnéide

THE IRISH METEOROLOGICAL SERVICE: THE FIRST FIFTY YEARS, edited by Lisa Shields. Dublin: The Stationery Office, 1987. 107 pp. IR£6.00. ISBN 0 7076 0030 8. Reviewed by Stu Daultrey

SOILS OF CO. LAOIS, by M. J. Conry. Nations Soil Survey of Ireland, Soil Survey Bulletin No. 41 Dublin: An Foras Taluntais, 1987. 259 pp. (plus 3 maps in a separate wallet). IR£ 10.00. ISBN 0 948321 22 9. Reviewed by Richard Thorn

MANAGING DUBLIN BAY, edited by Mark Brunton, Frank J. Convery and Anne Johnson. Dublin: Resource and Environmental Policy Centre, University College. Dublin, 1987. 191 pp. IR£7.95. ISBN I 870089 04 9. Reviewed by John Sweeney

EXPLORING LIMERICK'S PAST: AN HISTORICAL GEOGRAPHY OF URBAN DEVELOPMENT IN COUNTY AND CITY, by Patrick ,L O'Connor. Newcastle West: Oireacht na Mumhan Books, 1987. 185 pp. IR£25.00. ISBN 0 9512184 0 9. Reviewed by J. H. Andrews

NEWCASTLE LYONS — A PARISH OK THE PALE, edited by Peter O'Sullivan. Dublin: Geography Publications, 1986. 141 pp. IR£I2.00 (hardback!; IR£8.00 (softcover). ISBN 0 9066 0203 3. Reviewed by F. H. A. Aalen

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