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Reviews of Books

Kevin Whelan, T. Jones Hughes, P. J. Duffy, F. H. A. Aalen, J. G. Tyrrell, M. B. Thorp, R. W. Alexander, Stu Daultrey, Patrick J. O'Connor, B. M. Brunt, James A. Walsh, A. Simms, Kevin Hourihan, A. J. Parker, M. S. O. Cinneide, Michael J. Bannon


IRISH GEOGRAPHY: THE GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY OF IRELAND GOLDEN JUBILEE 1934-1984, edited by G. L. Herries Davies. Dublin: The Geographical Society of Ireland, 1984. 294pp. IR£12.00. No ISBN. Reviewed by KEVIN WHELAN

IRELAND: TOWARDS A SENSE OF PLACE, edited by Joseph Lee. Cork: Cork University Press, 1985. 107pp. IR£4.00. ISBN 0 902561 35 9. Reviewed by T. JONES HUGHES

THE PLANTATION OF ULSTER, by Philip Robinson. Dublin: Gill & MacMillan, 1984,254pp. IR£25.00. ISBN 7171 1106 7. Reviewed by P. J. DUFFY

RURAL HOUSES OF THE NORTH OF IRELAND, by Alan Gailey, Edinburgh: John Donald, 1984. 289pp. IR£32.00 (£25.00 stg.). ISBN 0 85976 098 7. Reviewed by F. H. A. AALEN

THE STATE OF THE ENVIRONMENT, edited by David Cabot. Dublin: An Foras Forbartha, 1985. 206pp. IR£10.00. ISBN 0 85053 007 6. Reviewed by J. G. TYRRELL

THE FORESTS OF IRELAND: HISTORY, DISTRIBUTION AND SILVICULTURE, edited by Niall O'Carroll for the Society of Irish Foresters. Dublin: Turoe Press, 1984. 128pp. IR£14.95 (hardback). ISBN 0 905223 49 7. Reviewed by M. B. THORP

THE FLORA OF INNER DUBLIN, by Peter Wyse Jackson and Micheline Sheehy Skeffington. Dublin: Roval Dublin Society, 1984. 174pp. IR£5.00. ISBN 086027 016 5. Reviewed by R. W. ALEXANDER

THE DEVELOPMENT OF SMALL SCALE HYDRO-SCHEMES. PART 2. GUIDE TO DEVELOPMENT. Dublin: Department of Industry and Energy, no date. 52pp. IR£5.00. No ISBN. Reviewed by STU DAULTREY

THE QUIET REVOLUTION: THE ELECTRIFICATION OF RURAL IRELAND 1946–1976, by Michael J. Shiel. Dublin: The O'Brien Press, 1984. 304 pp. IR£15.00. ISBN 0 86278 056 X. Reviewed by PATRICK J. O'CONNOR

AN ANALYSIS OF NEW INDUSTRY LINKAGES IN IRELAND, by P. N. O'Farrell and B. O'Loughlin. Dublin: Industrial Development Authority Publication Series Paper No. 6, 1980. 64pp. IR£3.60. ISBN 0 902647 21 0. Reviewed by B. M. BRUNT

SPATIAL ASPECTS OF POST-PRIMARY SCHOOL CHOICE IN GALWAY CITY AND ENVIRONS, by Seamus Grimes. Galway: Social Sciences Research Centre, 1984. 96pp. IR£5.00 No ISBN. Reviewed by JAMES A. WALSH

NEUERE FORSCHUNGEN ZUR SOZIALGEOGRAPHIE VON IRLAND (NEW RESEARCH ON THE SOCIAL GEOGRAPHY OF IRELAND), edited by R. J. Bender. Mannheimer Geographische Arbeiten 17. Mannheim: Geographisches Institut der Universitat. 1984. 295pp. DM29.00. ISBN 3 923750 16 1. Reviewed by A. SIMMS

TO GO OR TO NOT TO — THE MIGRATION INTENTIONS OF LEAVING CERTIFICATE STUDENTS by James A. Walsh. Dublin: Department of Geography, Our Lady of Mercy College of Education, Discussion Paper No. 2, 1984, 69pp. IR£2.50. ISBN 0 906602 02 5. Reviewed by KEVIN HOURIHAN

TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING, filmstrip and booklet. Dublin: The Royal Town Planning Institute (Irish Branch), 1983. Reviewed by A. J. PARKER

PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT IN RURAL AREAS, edited by P. M. Jess, J. V. Greer, R. H. Buchanan and W. J. Armstrong. Belfast: The Institute of Irish Studies, Queen's University Belfast, 1984. 249pp. £5.00stg. ISBN 0 85389 2415. Reviewed by M. S. Ó. CINNEIDE

EASTERN REGION SETTLEMENT STRATEGY 2011, summary and main report by a study team (Leader: L. O'Reilly). Dublin: Eastern Regional Development Organisation, 1985 2 vols, 21 pp. and 267 pp. IR£7.00. No ISBN. Reviewed by MICHAEL J. BANNON

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