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Reviews of Books and Maps

C. J. W. Edwards, D. McCourt, P. J. Duffy, F. H.A. Aalen, A. A. Horner, Robert D. Osborne, Colin A. Lewis, A. Simms, R. H. Buchanan, Desmond A. Gillmor, J. A. Dawson, James G. Cruickshank, Francis Walsh, D. P. Drew, R. A. Butlin, Breandán S. Mac Aodha


AGRICULTURE IN THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND, by Desmond A. Gillmor (Geography of world agriculture, volume 7). Budapest: Akademiai Kiado, 1977. 202 pp.

PEASANT OPENFIELD FARMING AND ITS TERRITORIAL ORGANISATION IN COUNTY TIPPERARY, by Ingeborg Leister.Marburg: Marburger Geographische Schriften, 1976. 100 pp.

SOURCES FOR LOCAL STUDIES, by William Nolan. Department of Geography, Carysfort College, 1977, 61 pp.

COUNTY LEITRIM RESOURCE SURVEY. Part III ‐ Demography, Sociology and Economics. Dublin: An Foras Taluntais, 1975. 101 pp. £2.00.

THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE IRISH TOWN, edited by R. A. Butlin. London: Croom Helm, 1977. 144 pp. £6.95.

NATIONALISM AND SOCIALISM IN TWENTIETH‐CENTURY IRELAND, by E. Rumpf and A. C. Hepburn. Liverpool: the University Press, 1977. 275 pp. £15–25.

THE QUATERNARY HISTORY OF THE IRISH SEA, edited by C. Kidson and M. J. Tooley. Liverpool: Seel House Press, 1977. 345 pp. £16.00.

MEDIEVAL MOATED SITES OF S.E. IRELAND, by Terence B. Barry. London: British Archaeological Reports, 35, 1977. 247 pp., £4.70.

LIFE AND TRADITION IN RURAL IRELAND, by Timothy P. O'Neill. London: J. M. Dent & Sons, 1977. 122 pp. £9.95.

SERVICE‐TYPE EMPLOYMENT AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT, by Michael J. Bannon, James G. Eustace and Mary Power. Dublin: Stationery Office, National Economic and Social Council report no. 28, undated (1977) 142 pp. £0.55.

CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR, MOTIVATION AND PERCEPTION : A STUDY OF DUBLIN, by A. J. Parker. Dublin: Department of Geography, University College, 1976. 265 pp. £2.50.

SOILS OF COUNTY WESTMEATH, by T. F. Finch. Dublin: An Foras Taluntais, National Soil Survey of Ireland, Soil Survey Bulletin No. 33, 1977. 100 pp. £5.

THE SUGAR INDUSTRY IN IRELAND, by Michael Foy. Dublin: Comhlucht Siúicre Éireann Teo., 1976. 159 pp.

THE RELEVANCE OF THE INTERNATIONAL HYDROLOGICAL DECADE TO ULSTER, by R. Common. Belfast: Department of Geography, Queen's University, Departmental Research Paper No. 1, 1977. 160 pp.

THE CHANGING FORTUNES OF MARGINAL REGIONS, edited by P. G. Sadler and G. A. Mackay. Aberdeen: Institute for the Study of Sparsely Populated Areas, undated. 163 pp. £2.85.

DUBLIN'S WOOD QUAY, by Nuala Burke. Drumconrath: Civic Heritage Publications, 1977. 46 pp. £3.30.


THE BURREN: A MAP OF THE UPLANDS OF NORTH‐WEST CLARE, EIRE, by T. D. Robinson: Cill Ronain, published by the author, 1977. 92 cm × 65 cm. £1.10.

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