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Reviews of Books

William J. Smyth, Colin A. Lewis, Nicholas Stephens, F. H. A. Aalen, F. W. Boal, James E. Killen, J. H. Andrews, J. A. K. Grahame, Robin E. Glasscock


THE GILL HISTORY OF IRELAND. edited by J. Lydon and M. MacCurtain. Dublin: Gill and Macmillan, 1972–75. 11 volumes. £11.30 the set. Reviewed by William J. Smyth

GEOLOGY AND SCENERY IN IRELAND, by J. B. Whittow. London: Penguin Books Ltd., 1974. 301 pp. £1.00. Reviewed by Colin A. Lewis

LES MONTAGNES DE L'IRLANDE SEPTENTRIONALE, CONTRIBUTION A LA GÉOGRAPHIE PHYSIQUE DE LA MONTAGNE ATLANTIQUE, by Annie Reffay. Grenoble: Université Scientifique et Médicate, 1972. 614 pp. Reviewed by Nicholas Stephens

THE IRISH: EMIGRATION, MARRIAGE, AND FERTILITY, by Robert E. Kennedy, Jr., Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. 1973. 236 pp. $10. Reviewed by F. H. A. Aalen

PREJUDICE AND TOLERANCE IN ULSTER, by Rosemary Harris. Manchester: the University Press. 1972. 234 pp. £3.00. Reviewed by F. W. Boal

THE JOURNEY TO WORK: A BEHAVIOURAL ANALYSIS, by P. N. O'Farrell and J. Markham. Oxford: Pergamon Press, Progress in Planning, Volume 3, Part 3, 1975, 106 pp. Reviewed by James E. Killen

HUNTING IN IRELAND: AN HISTORICAL AND GEOGRAPHICAL ANALYSIS, by Colin A. Lewis. London: J. A. Allen, 1975. 187 pp. £7.50. Reviewed by J. H. Andrews

THE NARROW STREETS, by Kenneth McNallv. Belfast; Blackstafl Press, reprinted 1972. 00 pp. £2.50. Reviewed by J. A. K. Grahame

ULSTER LOCAL STUDIES. Londonderry: the New University of Ulster Institute of Continuing Education, Bulletin 1, September 1974. 8 pp. Bulletin 2. January 1975. 18 pp. Reviewed by Robin E. Glasscock

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