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Reviews of Books

F. H. A. Aalen, D. McCourt, Desmond A. Gillmor, Robin E. Glasscock, T. J. Hughes, J. H. Andrews, J. A. K. Grahame, R. A. Butlin, A. O. Ardill, D. Langridge, J. F. Guthrie


IRELAND : A GENERAL AND REGIONAL GEOGRAPHY, by T. W. Freeman, Fourth edition. London : Methuen, 1909. xx + 558 pp. £5.

THE IRISHNESS OF THE IRISH, by E. Estyn Evans. Belfast: the Irish Association for Cultural, Economic and Social Relations. 1908. pp. 8. 2s. 6d.

ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF IRELAND. Dublin : Allen Figgis, 1968. 463 pp. 120s.

AN INTRODUCTION TO MAP READING FOR IRISH SCHOOLS, by R. A. Butlin. Dublin : Longmans, Browne & Nolan Limited, 1968. 123 pp. with four half‐inch O.S. map extracts. 10s.

AN OUTLINE OF THE RE‐TRIANGULATION OF NORTHERN IRELAND, by W. R. Taylor. Belfast: Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1907. 27 pp. 4s. 6d.

A REVIEW OF DRUMLIN SOILS RESEARCH, 1959–1966, by J. Mulqueen and W. Burke. Dublin : An Foras Talúntais, 1967. 57 pp. 5s.

FAMILY AND COMMUNITY IN IRELAND, by Conrad M. Arensberg and Solon T. Kimball. Harvard : the University Press, 2nd edition, 1968. 417 pp. $7.95.

LONDONDERRY AREA PLAN. James Munce partnership. Belfast, 1968. 156 pp. 32s 6d.

AN AGRICULTURAL ATLAS OF COUNTY GALWAY, by J. H. Johnson and B. S. MacAodha. Social Sciences Research Centre, University College, Galway, Research Papers Numbers 4 and 5. Dublin : Scepter Publishers Ltd., 1967. 66 pp.

LIFE IN IRELAND, by L. M. Cullen. London : B. T. Batsford Ltd. New York : G. P. Putnams's Sons. 1968. xiv + 178 pp. 25s.

PHASES OF IRISH HISTORY, by Eoin MacNeill. Dublin : Gill, 1968. 364 pp. 10s 6d.

ANGLO‐IRISH TRADE, 1660–1800, by L. M. Cullen. Manchester : the University Press, 1968. 252 pp. 60s.

IRISH PEASANT SOCIETY, by K. H. Connell. Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1968. 167 pp. 35s.

THE COUNTY DONEGAL RAILWAYS (Part One of a History of the Narrow‐Gauge Railways of North‐West Ireland), by Edward M. Patterson. Newton Abbot: David and Charles : 2nd edition, 1969. 208 pp. 40s.

THE IRISH LIGHTHOUSE SERVICE, by T. G. Wilson. Dublin: Allen Figgis, 1908. 149 pp. 42s.

REPORT OF THE DEPUTY KEEPER OF THE PUBLIC RECORDS, 1960–65. Cmd. 521. 1908. 244 pp. 17s Cd. SOURCES FOR THE STUDY OF LOCAL HISTORY IN NORTHERN IRELAND. 102 pp. 2s 6d. IRISH ECONOMIC DOCUMENTS. 37 pp. 1s. All published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, Belfast.

IRISH JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS AND RURAL SOCIOLOGY, Volume I, numbers 1 (1967), 2 and 3 (1968). Dublin : An Foras Talúntais (Agricultural Institute). Each number 10s.


Maps and map catalogues

THE KINGDOME OF IRELAND, by John Speed. Dublin : Bord Fáilte Éireann, 1966. Obtainable from the Library, Trinity College, Dublin. 12s. 6d.

MAP CATALOGUE. Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland. Belfast: Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1908. 40 pp. 5s.

CATALOGUE OF SMALL SCALE MAPS AND CHARTS. Ordnance Survey of Ireland. Dublin : Government Publications Office, 1968. 11pp. 1s.

EIRE. Dublin : Ordnance Survey office. 1:350,000. 1968. 58 × 43 in. £5 10s.

NORTHERN IRELAND, Sheet 4 (the south‐east). 1:126,720. 1968. 40 × 30 in. Paper, flat, 5s. Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland, Belfast.

WICKLOW AND DISTRICT. Teaching extract. l:63,360, fully coloured. 1968. 1s.

ICAO. Aeronautical chart: Ireland 1:500,000. 1968. Two sheets, 38 in. 29 in and 40 in. × 29 in. 5s.

ICAO. World aeronautical chart: Ireland. 1:1,000,000. 1968. 21 1/2 in. × 27 in. 5s.

INTERNATIONAL MAP OF THE WORLD. Ireland. 1:1,000,000. 1968. 183/4 in. 29 1/4 in. 5s.

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