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Reviews of Books

T. W. F., J. P. H., T. J. H., A. R. O., T. J. H., T. J. H., R. A. B., J. A. K. G., F. H. A. A., J. P. H., J. H. A., F. H. A. A., R. A. B., J. A. K. G., J. A. K. G.


DAS WERDEN DER AGRARLANDSCHAFT IN DER GRAFSCHAFT TIPPERARY (IRLAND). Ingeborg Leister. Marburger Geographische Schriften, Heft 18, 1963. 434 pp. 21 DM.

LAND USE IN NORTHERN IRELAND. General Report of the Land Utilisation Survey of Northern Ireland. Editor, Leslie Symons. University of London Press Ltd. 1963. pp. 288. £2–2‐0.

WEST CORK RESOURCE SURVEY. Prepared and published by an Foras Talúntais (Agricultural Institute). Dublin 1963. £1.

GEOLOGY AND IRELAND. W. E. Nevill. Dublin: Figgis, 1963. 8#fr1/2> × 5#fr1/2> in., xv + 263 pp., 65 text figures. 25s.

RECENT RESEARCH ON IRISH RURAL SETTLEMENT. The report of a symposium held at Belfast, January 1963. By Ronald H. Buchanan. Belfast: Geography Department, The Queen's University. 1/‐.

COUNTY LONDONDERRY HANDBOOK. Belfast: Nicholson & Bass. (no date) 2s. 6d.

L'EUROPE DU NORD ET DU NORD‐OUEST. Tome III. LES ILES BRITANNIQUES. J. Beaujeu‐Garnier and A. Guilcher. ‘Orbis’ Introduction aux Etudes de Geographie. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1963. 560pp. F.32.

THE ECONOMIC PATTERN OF MODERN GERMANY, by Norman G. Pounds. London: John Murray, 1963. Pp. 133. 80#fr1/2> × 5#fr1/4> in. 18s.

NORTH AMERICA. N. J. G. Pounds. London: John Murray, 2nd. ed., 1964. 238 pp. 18s. 6d.

THE EARTH AND YOU. Norman J. G. Pounds. London: John Murry, 1963. 591 pp. 60s.

INDUSTRIALISATION AND UNDER‐DEVELOPED COUNTRIES, by Alan B. Mountjoy. London: Hutchinson University Library, 1963. 223 pp. 15s.

ATLAS OF CENTRAL EUROPE. London: J. Murray, 1963. 13 ins. × 9#fr1/2> ins. 42s.

STATISTICAL MAPPING AND THE PRESENTATION OF STATISTICS. G C. Dickenson. London: Edward Arnold Ltd., 1963. 160pp. 21s.

INTERNATIONAL YEARBOOK OF CARTOGRAPHY, III, 1963. Edited by Eduard Imhof. London: George Philip and Son Ltd., 1963. Pp. 232. 9#fr1/2> × 6#fr1/2> in. 40s.

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